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ASTRO BLOG EYE ON FINANCIAL ASTROLOGY: SECRETS OF DONATIONS The nature of the world economy, deflation and world debt has put the squeeze.
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Their long and close conjunction during this year is unprecedented in modern times; an indication that this a time of karmic correction. Jupiter is transiting Scorpio for the most of In addition to being Gandanta, Jupiter will also retrograde between April 10th and August 11th. This suggests a need to slow down and connect with the past. Ketu is co-ruler of Scorpio, which is the sign Jupiter is transiting.

At the same time, Ketu is transiting Sagittarius, a sign ruled by Jupiter. This exchange between the two planetary rulers creates a bond between Ketu and Jupiter. This bond continues while Jupiter is in Sagittarius as they will both be in the same sign. A Gandanta Jupiter gives us opportunities for spiritual growth.

During this time it is good to strengthen the current connection between Ketu and Jupiter. Many Blessings, Lina. March is setting the tone for an interesting and quite unstable rest of the year. This month is eventful astrologically with lots of movement. Rahu and Ketu move into new signs, Jupiter is in Gandanta and will move into Sagittarius for a short time, and Mercury goes retrograde.

March 5th and 6th are especially eventful days. Mercury will be retrograde between March 5th and March 28th. After a busy period, this intellectual planet Mercury needs to slow down in order to integrate new information, and to reflect over the future. It is a complex time for Mercury and his ruling signs Gemini and Virgo also feel it.

Mercury is debilitated in Pisces and does not think very rationally when in this sensitive and intuitive sign. In addition to the debilitation, Mercury is also retrograde after March 5th. It is good to think twice before making decisions now, Mercury does not think very practically during this time. On March 14th, Mercury moves back to Aquarius. He previously travelled very quickly through this sign and returns again to readdress and rethink his humanitarian and political agenda.

Rahu co-rules Aquarius. This is good for unusual and innovative thinking and science. Mercury turns direct and begins his journey towards Pisces on March 28th. By April 11th Mercury is back in Pisces again. Mercury is now direct and remains in Pisces until May 3rd. Rahu moves into Gemini and Ketu moves into Sagittarius on March 6th.

It is a big astrological event for the lunar nodes to change signs. Rahu in Gemini can indicates expansion and creativity in areas of science and communication. Because Saturn is opposite Rahu throughout the year there will also be challenges. Rahu and Saturn are first rate malefics. Ketu moves to the nakshatra Uttara Ashadha on March 6 and stays in this nakshatra until May 8th. After May 8th and for the remainder of Ketu will be in the Purva Ashadha nakshatra in close conjunction with Saturn.

Uttara Ashadha indicates that which cannot be suppressed. Jupiter is transiting Scorpio until November this year. But this month Jupiter moves briefly into Sagittarius, between March 29th and April 22nd. Rahu and Ketu have a strong impact on us collectively and as individuals. Rahu and Ketu move into new signs on March 6th where they will stay for the next eighteen months.

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How will the transforming power of these shadow planets affect us during their stay in Gemini and Sagittarius? Rahu and Ketu are always opposite one another. Because they always move retrograde, they move through the signs in the opposite direction of the other planets. The nodes are points where the orbit of the Moon meets the plane of the Sun and the earth.

Rahu is the north node because its shadow falls north of the equator. Ketu, the south node, is the shadow south of the equator. These junction points are also places where eclipses can occur. Rahu and Ketu are also referred to as the karmic axis. These shadow planets have a strong impact on us collectively and also as individuals. Rahu represents the desires that we wish to fulfill, and our attraction to new experiences.

Ketu is the complete opposite of Rahu. Through the influence of Ketu we can experience a sense of disinterest and disappointment with material life. Through Ketu we know that the material life will not satisfy us in the end. Ketu represents change, liberation, loss and the letting go of desires. Ketu can make us interested in the intangible. Thus we see a cosmic reality in the transits of the nodes; the manifestation of new desires and the liberation, the letting go, or loss, of old ones.

Many scandals have emerged. Women have gained strength. Politics around immigration, security, and health have had a big impact on society as a whole. Capricorns have a strong sense for organization and structure. Rahu moves into Gemini on March 6th and will stay in Gemini until September 22nd, Rahu can express unusual and innovative thinking. He does well in Gemini; a sign of diversity and communication. However, for the remainder of this year Rahu in Gemini will experience a close opposition from Saturn in Sagittarius.

Rahu is larger than life, he makes everything grow. With Rahu in Gemini things such as smartphones, internet and computer science are likely to continue to advance way beyond their present development. Rahu is at the cutting edge of science and technology, artificial intelligence, and can revolutionize life as we know it.

Rahu can also be toxic. He can induce fear and cause us to feel ungrounded. We will need to watch out for secret foreign interference and the manipulation and theft of private information. It is more important now than ever to protect our computers. Ketu enters the sign of Sagittarius on March 6th.

Ketu moves retrograde from Capricorn into the last degrees of Sagittarius and begins his eighteen month journey through Sagittarius. Ketu is in the nakshatra Uttara Ashadha until May 8th. Ketu is the liberator of past karma and this gives victory to people who have been wronged in the past. During the entire transit in Sagittarius, Ketu will stay very close to Saturn. Ketu and Saturn will stay very close together for the remainder of the year in Purva Ashadha. Such a long lasting close conjunction between Ketu and Saturn is unprecedented in modern times.

Purva Ashadha also indicates that which cannot be suppressed. The Deity connected to this nakshatra is Apas, the Water God. Water has the power to cleanse and purify when it flows freely. Sagittarius wants to pursue dharma and higher knowledge. Jupiter rules this sign and Jupiter represent laws, higher education and religion. In Sagittarius we find the warrior fighting for righteousness and truth.

But the negative side of Purva Ashadha is self-righteousness, fanatical beliefs, extremism and prejudice. Saturn is a planet governing karmic retribution and Ketu is the past. Wrongdoings of the past can be difficult to face and are shaking the foundations of the world as we know it. During February, Mars is powerful in Aries, Venus expresses caution with Saturn, and Mercury is busy transiting through three signs. On February 5th, Mars moves into Aries. Mars is energetic, assertive and headstrong in this sign that he rules. This is a good position for initiating projects and for doing physical exercise and sports.

This yoga will strengthen the qualities of Mars- energy, courage and independence. Unfortunately, Mars will lose the positive connection he had with Jupiter while he was transiting Pisces. This means that Mars can be more impulsive, self willed and less inclined to follow the wisdom offered by Jupiter. Instead he will join Uranus when he transits Aries. Their conjunction is exact on February 13th. This will increase the desire for independence and freedom which, if carried to an extreme, can lead to revolution.

There is a greater risk for irrational or impulsive action. Venus, on the other hand, is more restrictive this month because the planet travels with Saturn in Sagittarius until February 24th. Their conjunction is exact on February 18th at 22 degrees Sagittarius. The energy of Venus conjunct with Saturn is disciplined and serious. We may need to take a deeper look at our values and at that which we appreciate in our lives.

Their conjunction can cause restriction in romantic relationships. This combination can be good for making the ideals of Venus more concrete, although this will not happen without work and effort. A Venus and Saturn combination is good for work emphasizing art, structure and design. Mercury is quick by nature and moves quite fast through the zodiac. He connects with three signs this month. Mercury begins the month in Capricorn and moves to Aquarius on February 6th.

After the 24th, he will transit in Pisces. Communication and information come especially quickly to us during this time. This can manifest as news giving us a lot to digest every day. Once Mercury reaches Pisces, he will make a longer stay. He will not leave Pisces until May 3rd. The is because he is retrograde between March 5th to March 28th. Mercury may need to catch up and to work things out during this time. He will also return to Aquarius during his retrograde. As we come into January , we find a great deal of instability in the world and the planetary energies are complex.

Many nations are divided on important issues. The US enters during a government shutdown. Great Britain is divided regarding Brexit. Countries all around the globe also feel pressure. Uranus helps us understand some of the instability we see in the world right now. Uranus is an outer planet and is not traditionally included in the nine planets used in Vedic Astrology.

Uranus is rebellious. At its best Uranus will express uniqueness, new thought and innovation. An expansive Uranus can revolutionize our lives in positive ways. But when challenged, this planet manifests an instability that can potentially lead us into chaos. Uranus is currently retrograde and has stationed at 4 degrees Aries sidereal astrology. A retrograde Uranus makes it harder to restrain the erratic and impulsive qualities of this planet. When Great Britain voted for Brexit back in April , Uranus was in Gandanta between Pisces and Aries, which gave an indication that uncertainty and turmoil would follow the decision.

Uranus is currently in a difficult aspect to the karmic axis the two lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu. This puts pressure on some of the deep karmic issues that the world is grappling with today: migration, immigration, security, and the challenges and breaking downs of institutions and democratic processes. This is a house that shows the impact of our actions on the world.

His time as a president of the United States reflects a similar unpredictable and impulsive pattern. After January 6th, Uranus goes direct again and will very slowly move away from the close and challenging aspect to each of the Lunar nodes. Almost at the same time as Uranus turns direct, a partial solar eclipse will occur on January 5th. The new Moon is in Sagittarius. The eclipse can be seen in East Asia and the Pacific. An eclipse reflects change.

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In the United States a newly elected congress will be seated on January 3rd. A total lunar eclipse takes place during the full Moon on January 21st. It occurs in Cancer in Pushya nakshatra. During the time between the two eclipses approximately two weeks we often experience more emotional and restless energy than normal. Cancer is a water sign and the eclipse can be seen from many oceans: The Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean and the Arctic.

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Cancer is a sign expressing strong sentiment, a need for security and will often exhibit care for the environment. The eclipse has a potential for bringing out strong emotions and events related to water.

The Sun feels restricted by Saturn, but the conjunction also favors hard work. We may need to shoulder more personal responsibility during this transit. The Sun stays in Sagittarius until January 14th. Mercury came into Sagittarius on the last day of and will stay in this sign until January 20th. Mercury joins the Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius and is also involved in the solar eclipse on January 5th. Mercury expresses intellect, communication and is also a planet involved in trade and commerce. Mercury is under stress while in Sagittarius with the fighting Sun and Saturn and especially during the solar eclipse on January 5th.

This stress can indicate challenges for the Mercury ruled signs of Gemini and Virgo. Venus ends its long stay in Libra and transits through Scorpio between January 1st and January 29th. Scorpio is already graced by the presence of Jupiter and Scorpio now has two benefic planets in its sign. This is helpful for Scorpio. Both Venus and Jupiter act as counsellors and guides but in slightly different ways.

Venus can guide us to express earthly and material desires in good and dharmic ways and Jupiter wants us to develop knowledge and wisdom. Scorpio is transformative and there may be some disagreement between Venus and Jupiter in how we shall transform and change. The energy of Venus is disturbed on this day as it leaves a water sign and moves into a fire sign.

Mars and Jupiter are in each others signs which is strengthening and supportive for both planets. I hope that your New Year resolutions, and your actions, will be guided by the knowledge and wisdom of Jupiter! Let every day in the New Year become a step upward on the ladder of your Self-realization. Previous Older Entries. Blog at WordPress. Blessings, Lina Advertisements. The Lunar Eclipse The lunar eclipse occurs two weeks later.

Planets in Cancer Shortly after the partial lunar eclipse the Sun moves into Cancer — the sign of the Moon. Benefic Venus Relief comes from Venus shining brightly in Taurus almost the entire month. How Does This Impact You? What Does This Mean for You? Jupiter is at a Standstill in Gandanta Jupiter become retrograde on April 10th and stays in Gandanta, almost at a standstill, on the cusp between Scorpio and Sagittarius.

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Mesha Sankranti April 14th The moment that the Sun enters Aries marks the beginning of a new year according to the traditional Hindu calendar. Pluto is Retrograde April 24th — October 2nd Powerful Pluto is also transiting Sagittarius and just when he comes to the last degree of this sign he turns retrograde. The Lord of Karma Saturn is connected to the first chakra, the root chakra. Enlightenment, Loss, and Liberation Ketu can manifest sudden change. Where Water and Fire Meet Gandanta occurs at the junction between a water sign and a fire sign.

What is the Role of Jupiter? Jupiter in Scorpio Jupiter is transiting Scorpio for the most of Spiritual Growth Ketu is co-ruler of Scorpio, which is the sign Jupiter is transiting. Since there is a natural inclination to go within, it is good to to spend time in nature and interiorize your consciousness through meditation. While Ketu and Jupiter are exchanging signs, it is a good opportunity to develop intuition, inner wisdom, and f ind answers to your questions within yourself. Jupiter loves knowledge, and Ketu is connected to the past and ancient wisdom.

This is a good period to study topics like history, genealogy, spirituality, philosophy, astrology, and astronomy. Travel for spiritual purposes is an expression of Jupiter.

Take the opportunity to go on a pilgrimage. Mercury retrograde March 5 — March 28 March 5th and 6th are especially eventful days. Mercury debilitated in Pisces until March 14 Mercury is debilitated in Pisces and does not think very rationally when in this sensitive and intuitive sign. The effect of Rahu and Ketu Rahu and Ketu are also referred to as the karmic axis. Ketu leaves Capricorn Capricorns have a strong sense for organization and structure.

How do we live with these complex transits? Some of the general themes of the Sagittarius-Gemini sign axis revolve around cosmic law and right action dharma ; educational institutions, knowledge, and ethics; logic and faith; philosophical ideals and principles; innovative developments in communication, learning, technology, banking, and currencies; the search for freedom and justice; and the polarity between diversity and unity.

Now we are in the process of organizing, integrating, perfecting, and finishing in preparation for the full Moon which will occur early on Monday, January 21, EST and UTC, and late on Sunday, January 20 in regions west of the Eastern Time zone. The five days before, the day of, and five days after a full Moon to a lesser extent are a powerful time to access the illuminated spiritual energies for empowerment, healing, meditation, and prayer.

This will be the first full Moon of and it will be a doozy because it is also a Supermoon and a total lunar eclipse, so in effect, get ready for a super-charged full Moon! Our Sun is now transiting in the Galactic Center, an event which occurs every year in the third week of December around the solstice.

As our Sun, the local source for this cosmic light and power, transits through the Galactic Center, it is being recharged and rejuvenated in an energetic upgrade. Spiritual gateways are opening and energies are shifting,and this can be a magnificent experience for those who are tuned inward, but functioning in 3D requires a bit of extra grounding and awareness now.

There could be some fiery intensity in the public the mass mind as Mars conflict will transit across the natal Moon in the U. This aspect can exert an effect for several days either side of November 17, as well. The conjunction occurs in the 3rd house which could potentially indicate conflict heating up related to neighbors and borders, as well as suggesting some kind of media upset or frenzy. You glow with fiery red passion, And you are the epitome of courage and dynamism. You actively benefit all beings, Homage to you, Lord Mangala!

Transiting Mars finally left sidereal Capricorn last evening on November 5, , after having transited there since early May. Some of us have probably accomplished much, grown a great deal, and learned a lot about ourselves and each other through this transit. Now Mars is transiting in sidereal Aquarius until December 23, Caution: The following material is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, financial advice.

You should consult your own financial advisors before engaging. This article was co-written by me Juliana Swanson and by Dr. Sisira Amarasinghe, my former student and a dear friend and colleague.

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Sisira is an Information Systems Engineering specialist with extensive academic and industrial experience in a range of domains covering Enterprise IT, Biomedical, Automotive, and Industrial Automation. He became interested in Vedic astrology a couple of decades ago and initially pursued his Vedic astrology studies with me prior to progressing into further studies.

Sisira may be reached by email at: Sisira. Amarasinghe VedicAstrology. This article builds on the foundation and the theme introduced and formulated in the three previous parts One , Two, and Three in the same series.

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While this article is intended to be self-contained, it is best reviewed in combination with the others. Key Planetary Indicators in the Bitcoin Chart. We analyzed the astrological patterns correlated with Bitcoin price fluctuations and found a set of distinct patterns based on the planetary transits as well as the Vimshottari dasha, a progressed Vedic astrology planetary system for tracking life cycles.

As discussed in previous articles, our rectified Sagittarius-Mula ascendant horoscope for Bitcoin has a Kala Sarpa Yoga in which all the planets occupy one side of the chart hemmed between the lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu. Since the lunar nodes are responsible for eclipses, their transits which create eclipses were found to be highly significant in tracking highs and lows, and especially lows. Venus will be in an extended transit in the sidereal zodiac sign of Libra from September 1, until January 1, During this period, Venus will retrograde from October 7 until November During its retrograde period, it will move back through Swati nakshatra and Chitra nakshatra from approximately 17 degrees to 1 degree of sidereal Libra.

Usually, Venus transits through each of the twelve zodiac signs for a little less than a month. The last time Venus transited in the Libra constellation was from November 2 to November 26, Venus retrogrades for approximately 40 — 43 days every 18 months, and in these retrograde periods, Venus stays in the same sign for approximately four months. Every eight years, Venus retrogrades during its transit in Libra. The last times that this happened were:. This article was co-written by me and by Dr.

His encouragement, support, and assistance have proven invaluable, especially related to all the formatting and graphics he provided as well as his advice about Bitcoin along with the astrological research and analysis. The ascendant is Mula nakshatra in sidereal Sagittarius near the Galactic Center, where the commanding game-changer Pluto also rises.

Jupiter rises after Pluto, also in Sagittarius in the first house, which reflects the essence of the hypothetical and theoretical nature of the White Paper. As explained before, all this in addition to other astrological and circumstantial evidence compels my choice of this horoscope. Please support my research and publishing endeavours through contributions using the Donate with Crypto or PayPal buttons below.

Your help is greatly appreciated!